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(no subject) [Jul. 11th, 2006|09:46 am]
i've created a new lj account:


i've created a new one for purposes that will be revealed later. i probably won't be updating here anymore so add me if i dont get to you first!
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(no subject) [Jun. 16th, 2006|03:26 am]
[music |yo la tengo]

i'm 22.
its 3am,so im really 22 (as tabitha pointed out, yea born in the west coast, im 22 NOW)

mara is sleeping soundly next to me. i havent had my bed to myself in a while, sleep-overs are fun.

listening to some old yo la tengo, its pretty perfect.
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(no subject) [May. 22nd, 2006|01:59 am]
I might move in with Jon, Jordan and Chris.

Those boys are moving down the block from their old place and theres a fourth tiny baby room thats vacant. Their common area is supposedly ginormous and part of it is being offered as my workspace since my room would be too tiny. I would love to move in with them, as long as the room can fit my full size bed and nightstand and the wicker trunk, that'll be good enough.

Right now i work at this ice cream shop in the east village part time. The pay is really good for an ice cream shop. Its on Orchard st. between Broome and Delancey so if anyone stops by i can give you ice cream for half off. Its seriously the best ice cream around. We make all the ice cream on location with fresh ingredients and we have these weird flavors like French sour cream and Tarragon spiced peppercorn if youre into that sruff. I work Mondays, Fridays, Sundays, and i think Tuesdays? I made sure i got wednesday and thurs off so that I can keep silkscreening at SVA's printshop.

I can't fucking figure out my website. None of the icons are showing up, at least i got the links to work but its useless if nothing is up. Jon! I forgot to take your present before I left your party. :( I'm retarded at dreamweaver without it.

But once I get my website looking decent with everything working Ill start dropping my portfolio off at places.

I got the cover for the SVA cartooning portfolio book and 1 page of comic in the book itself. The naked girl in the woods with the frog painting made it in the Illustration portfolio book, which is cool cause i really like that one.

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(no subject) [Mar. 27th, 2006|10:00 pm]
i thought that maybe once my website is set up that i'd feel more inclined to work on it but that hasnt been the case at all, unfortunately.

www.jentong.com (but don't visit it yet, just the old "coming soon")

i'm really anxious about getting out of school. although im gonna really miss the printshop.

i hung out with Nick broidsman the other night and we had a really really good time. He's so talented...

im gonna stay up painting all night. i cant wait to go to the junior thesis show tomorrow. oh and banana oil saturday. I might go see my roomate play someplace in greenpoint on friday (if i find somebody to go with)
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san diego here i come! [Feb. 19th, 2006|08:48 pm]
mmmCheesyCake: hey ALEX!
mmmCheesyCake: hey hey! hey
Dthois: uh oh
Dthois: I'm in troule
Dthois: troube
Dthois: =)
mmmCheesyCake: do you go to san diego con every year?
mmmCheesyCake: i have to go this year
Dthois: not every year...
Dthois: haven't been since 97
mmmCheesyCake: do u wanna go this year?
Dthois: when is it?
mmmCheesyCake: its very important to me
mmmCheesyCake: july 20-23
Dthois: sure
Dthois: I'd love to go with you
Dthois: I have fam down there
mmmCheesyCake: really? you'll go?
mmmCheesyCake: i dont know anyone there
Dthois: Ya I'd love to go
mmmCheesyCake: itll also be my first time in san diego ever
Dthois: really???
Dthois: you've never been?
Dthois: cool
Dthois: I should be driving by then
mmmCheesyCake: so its a deal we're gona go!
mmmCheesyCake: :-D:-D

Dthois: ya
Dthois: blood pact...
Dthois: hehe I will definately go
mmmCheesyCake: yessss!
Dthois: lol

San Diego in July. its going to be fantastic.
(JON! you should go too. come with.)
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(no subject) [Feb. 5th, 2006|10:03 pm]
[mood |busy]

i really love all my classes this semester. i caught a mild cold this weekend but its about gone now. i'm freaking out about the last semester of school. seems like everyones been getting sick and freaking out as well.

the new place is awesome and the new roomates are awesome. I live so much closer to the city now (Lorimer on the L) One of the roomates, Patrick, left to go to LA for a week, just for the hell of it, and just now i unexpectedly met the temporary roomate, his friend Josh. Seems like all of Patrick's friends are these good-looking musicians, ahh...

Matt wants me to do a painted cover for the next inkstains since now they get to print color covers. I think i'll have time...i should have time.

i need to make a website. i need to start making deadlines for myself for these things. I'm gonna try to get jentong.com. that sounds ok, right?
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(no subject) [Dec. 27th, 2005|02:53 am]
The other night while Tabitha and I were waiting for Shawn and Evan the show up we were sitting in front of the hundred foot tree in the middle of union square and we talked about how christmas feels less and less like christmas every year. warm feeling kind of dissipated over the years. My dad stopped putting up the tree years ago and just last night my family went out to a buffet, no more holiday home cooking.

It was still good. We went to an asian seafood buffet on Market st. and pigged out. I had 5 oyster shots, 3 huge mussels, a plate full of shrimp cocktail 10 pieces of king crab legs, 2 full plates of sushi and 2 plates of misc chinese food/dessert. it was goood and at the same time i felt a little gross after i realized i didnt have any salad or fruit during/after the seafood binge. oii.

Today i wandered through Haight st. and found this tobaco shop that sells Marboro cigerettes for $2.99! Anyone need cigs for cheap? i know i'm stocking up..

I went to the Giant Robot store and picked up this book

its really good.

I roamed around Haight and Japantown for a bit before I met up with Tabitha for coffee, then we both met up with Alex and his girlfriend at the German soup kitchen on Hayes st. Alex and I each ordered a whole liter of beer that came in a giant glass mug bigger than my head! and the food was amazing (the meatloaf, the pork and veg raviolli w/ mushroom sauce, the peach&apple cobbler...omg)

if nobody recognizes me later its because ill have gained a hundred pounds from vacation.
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amazing vacation [Dec. 25th, 2005|01:03 am]
first day i got back i recieved my new laptop! i had my brother prepare it before i got back and now theres all this korean drama shows on my desktop, which ive been rotting my brain with recently. for a day and a half, kdrama, videogame(shadow hearts2), and 3 seasons of friends.

until yesterday i finally got to go to work, worked 9 hour and made tons of monee. Then Vida picked me up after work and we had cheap wonderful sushi dinner. Then i went to this reggae dance party with Mara and Ruby which turned out okay, it wouldve been good if we danced.

Today, xmas eve, i hung out at chinatown with Angie and Hilda. We waited in this huge line in front of the Golden Gate pastry shop, they are known for their egg custard tarts... i never knew util i tried one. they really are amazing. Late afternoon Angie and I went to Japantown and did our usual thing. pigged out on supermarket food and plum wine in the food court. She gave me a fondu set for xmas gift!! so i can now throw fondu parties with everyone and the new roomies. thanks angie!
Tonight after the excursion in jtown i met up with Tabitha and her coworker Shawn who was with his boyfriend Evan. We went to a bunch of bars around union square, ended the night at this one place called Chelsea Place, a bar owned by these Korean girls. It was a fabulous time.

im gonna tr to sober up now
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i'm at jon's [Nov. 13th, 2005|10:51 pm]
the party on friday was really good. got really drunk and all these embarrasing things happened, nothing short from a good party.

The next day Panayiotis and I went to the Met but decided it was too crowded so we went to the Natural History Museam instead and drew all these animals. Panayiotis was telling me about how he had been doing these little mini comics when he was little and how he made copies and sold them to kids at school. He got into trouble when this one Catholic girl bought his comic, took it home, and the girl's dad got really offended because there were drawings of these animals with horns on the back of the minicomic. And the teachers told him that he can't sell anything anymore and that he should draw anything either. I told him about how my brother and I used to have this huge collection of action figures and from age 6 to about 11 we'd create scenes and make up stories and thats how I started drawing comics. We had ten different batmans living in one mansion which was under our dining table. Two of the batman brothers were gay and all the other batmans had girlfriends, like the pink ranger or Storm or one of the transformers. And none of them were named Bruce, they had a bunch of other generic names like Steve or Kevin. Panayiotis said I should make a comic about this for Panter's class. hmm

Jon's apartment is really nice. I need to go get dinner, and leave Jon's place so he can sleep.
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regarding the roomates [Oct. 26th, 2005|03:19 pm]
Theres been a lot of tension and frustration in the house.


Two years of living in the GW dorm by myself has made me ill-prepared. Its difficult when you and the roomates have extremely different standards in terms of cleanliness. Crumbs on the rug is an absolute nightmare to Deo, but I know now that I shouldnt ever slack off on keeping the common space clean if i wantto maintain respect from my roomates. its a lot of things, but I'm gonna stop here.

I have paintings from three years ago showcasing at the Alpha Bar. The opening is tonight so for you san franciscans *cough ANGIE. (drink lots of beer, for meee)
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